BAGS Workshop + MODEL Casting Call

Welcome back to school! How was the break? Not enough? Agree..
But enough or not, we have to get back to business right away because the Fashion Show is only 1 quarter away!

First, we’d like to announce that we sold all our sustainable BAGS at the Co-Op here in Davis. Bravo! Now, we only have a few left (and they are all in the display case) so we need your help making more so we can keep on selling. There are two workshop opportunities for you to help out.

Saturday January 8th, 15th
Walker Hall 129/130

Drop in any time your are available and volunteer with us to help with layouts of the bags, pinning, and sewing. There will be music and snacks! Bags from this workshop will be sold at again at the Co-Op and at Ann Savageau’s “Designing to Reduce Waste” exhibition reception. By the way, you should totally check it out. The reception (and there’s also a free lecture) is on January 23rd at 1:30 pm in Walker Hall. The exhibition will be open January 18-March 11 in the UCD Design Museum.

There is also another Model Casting Call this month. Yes, we still need more models– females AND males! Spread the word.

Model Casting Call
Thursday, Friday January 20th , 21st
Walker Hall 129

Other events, like the Single Garment Workshop and a screening of past runway shows are on their way, so stay tune!

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