About Runway Designers Club
Runway Designers Club (RDC) is a student-run organization at the University of California, Davis. RDC puts on the annual Signature Collections Fashion Show during Picnic Day and in San Francisco. RDC’s goals include:

  • Organizing and fund-raising for the Signature Collections Fashion Show
  • Creating beginners’ workshops to help those who are interested in sewing and construction.
  • Giving useful information for the real world in the area of fashion design, like resume and portfolio building workshops guided by alumnus or professors.
  • Helping students network by creating social events.

About the Signature Collections Fashion Show
The show features work by the Fashion and Textiles Design Students in the signature collection class.

The show also includes two Single Garment Competition in the categories of Personal Expression and Sustainability.

One way we get our funds for the shows is through your donations. Please visit the Donation page above for more information.

Wanna know more?
Facebook: UCD Runway Designers Club
Email: runwaydesigners@gmail.com
Simply leave a response on this page!


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