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Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the SF show today! It was such an experience. The whole YEAR has been an incredible journey. From testing about our mental and physical abilities to understanding our personal style, the year has taught us not only to be dedicated and passionate but to be true to ourselves. We hope everyone was able to understand the love we put into our garments and was able to appreciate and enjoy the shows. Please continue supporting RDC in the coming year! Signing out, Signature Collections Class of 2011.


Picnic Day Show

After a quarter of hard work in addition to 3 weeks of refining collections, RDC presented the Signature Collections Fashion Show during Picnic Day, April 16. The show went really well. It even appeared twice in one publication. View them here:

For photos, please view Clinton Andor, one of the student photographers there.

Single Garment Competition Workshop

Many people have requested to have this event, so here it is– The Single Garment Competition Workshop

For those who don’t know what the Single Garment Competition is,
it is a competition for people who are interested in having their work shown on the runway during Picnic Day. There are 2 categories: self expression, and sustainability.

We’ve created this event to help you prepare for that! Bring your sketches, ideas, and questions to the workshop and we will help you get started on building your garment. (Note: It is not necessary to come to the workshop to be in the competition.)


Support the Runway Designers Club fashion shows by enjoying
delicious goodies like brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and
other yummy things! Everything is only $1 each.

WED // 1.26 // 10AM-2PM and/or
THUR // 1.27 // 10AM-2PM

We will also come by:
-Wednesday 10-12PM @ Art 217 (Ann Savageau’s Sustainabililty Class)
-Wednesday 12-2PM @ Wellman 202 (Susan Avila’s History of Fashion)
-Thursday 12-1:30 @ Wellman 216 (Joan Chandler’s Apparel Production)

so bring cash if you’re in any of these classes!

Fashion Cafe Bake Shop!

Our Bake Sale will be going on Wednesday: 10-2 in Walker Hall entrance & Thursday: 10-2 Haring 2205 and 12-2 Art Annex. Please come support the club and grab some goodies!