Meet the Officers

The Cabinet of 2010-2011 Runway Designers Club

Zoe Fujii, Co-President
I am a fourth year Design major with an emphasis in Fashion and Textiles, minoring in Theatre and Textiles. My personal design aesthetic combines colorful cultural influences, mixed textures and prints with an homage to vintage silhouettes. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, thrift shopping, attending concerts, collecting trinkets, making art, being crafty, and cuddling with my cats. My goal is to create unique, multi-faceted garments that bridge art and design through innovative textile techniques and stimulate technical and intellectual thinking about design. In the nearfuture, I hope to work in either fashion or costume design.

Christina Hang, Co-President

Helen Trejo, Secretary
I am a 3rd year Fashion Design major at UCD, minoring in Writing. I have a twin sister, who is also majoring in Fashion Design. After graduate school, we hope to establish a business in the future, promoting sustainable clothing. I enjoy sewing, writing, crocheting, knitting, painting, and drawing. My favorite things to make are teddy bears, cards, scarves, and skirts!

Lucia Carrousel, Treasurer

Ashley Eslick, Modeling

Amy Johnson, Modeling
I am a fifth-year Design and Biological Sciences double major, with a minor in Religious Studies. My design aesthetic combines a myriad of things depending on my mood, and I enjoy exploring dichotomies though my work in both fashion and surface design. Apart from design, I love my family and friends, music, cooking, writing, traveling, and my quest for knowledge. In the future I hope to work in fashion journalism, public relations or design.

Jennifer Ma, Stage and Sets
Hello! My name is Jennifer Ma and I am a fourth year Fashion Design and Chinese double major.  I am from the Bay Area, Oakland to be exact, and don’t worry I’m not ghetto (unless I need to be…)  Some people call me very intimidating but I don’t know how that’s possible since I’m so short, but I guarantee I am very friendly even if I don’t look like it.  Anyways in RDC, I am Song Vue’s partner in Stage/Sets, so we basically look at venues and set everything up for the Picnic Day Fashion Show as well as the San Francisco Fashion Show.

Song Vue, Stage and Sets
Hello! My name is Song Vue and I am a fourth year Design student in fashion and Asian American Studies. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and foreign films and music. My design motives and inspiration derive from my interest in cultural/ethnic studies, social justice, and identity inclusion and expression. I hope to one day unite the Hmong American youth with their heritage and cultural values through fashion and history.

Myrelle Oliver, Fundraising

Candy Yang, Fundraising
I am a 5th year Fashion Design major with a minor in Dramatic Arts. I was inspired to be a fashion designer through my grandmother. At age 7, she taught me how to do cross-stitch embroidery to make my own traditional Hmong costume. Since then, I knew I wanted to sew clothes for myself and other people. That is why, one of my personal goals, after I graduate is to move to Los Angeles to look for a job and someday launch my own clothing line called Love Candy (© Candy Yang). I want to create children and women’s clothing that will make them feel beautiful inside and out. My duty as one of the RDC’s Fundraiser Officer is to organize and plan fundraiser events such as the Fashion Cafe Bake Shop.

Yer Lor, Public Relations
I’m a fourth year student majoring in Design (emphasis in fashion and graphics) and minoring in Communication. Aside from designing, I love music, cooking, photography, traveling, and writing in my blog Adventures in Design. After graduation, I hope to work for a corporation that can enable me to utilize my design skills. Farther in the future I would like to have my own label and/or boutique.

Frankees Samad, Public Relations
I am a fifth year Design major with an emphasis in Fashion and Textiles, and a minor in Textiles and Clothing and Global International Studies. This year I will be creating my second collection as a design student. Design means many things to me, one being a means of helping people and shaping society. My collection last year was based on Islamic Art and Architecture, shining light on the vast history and contributions Islam has had in the world. This year, I am creating a collection for women who have a hard time finding modest American clothing. I hope to find a job after graduating that will give me experience to one day create my own design label. My goal is to lend my talent to create clothing that meets the needs of all women, helping to empower and strengthen them and make them look absolutely fabulous at the same time. One of my many future endeavors is to create clothing for women who have had heart surgery and have medical devices inside their chest that protrude outwards (making it difficult for them to find beautiful clothing that covers/comforts that area). Everyone needs a designer who can meet their needs, and I plan to be one of those designers.


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