SF Show

The Signature Collection fashion show will present a diverse array of senior fashion design collections from 25 UC Davis fashion students. Themes conveyed range from modern interpretations of modest clothing, sartorial interpretations of cancer, synthesis of identity, religious allegory, and ethnic costumes and textiles. The students have really outdone themselves this year with great attention to surface design including hand dyed and printed fabrics, heat manipulations, embellishments, digitally printed and laser cut fabrics.

Preparation for this student-produced show began months in advance organized by the Runway Designers Club (RDC) at UC Davis. The RDC fundraise through bake sales and student activities that also promote sustainability. Working in conjunction with Bags Across the Globe, students made and sold bag bags made from recycled interior textile samples and discarded vinyl banners. Bags will be available for sale at the show. The RDC is the cornerstone of fashion at UC Davis and facilitates the growth of a up and coming talented designers.

UC Davis is the only Design based undergraduate program in the UC system. All areas of study within our program incorporate the history and theory of design as well as an exploration of social and environmental issues related to design. Creativity, thoughtfully developed ideas, and the ability to communicate design concepts are the skills that are encouraged in the program.


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